Discovering of rums

Date(s) : 11-03-2023
Location : Cave de Tain, 22 route de Larnage, 26600 Tain l'Hermitage

Through the tasting of 6 rums, you will reach exotic and tropical lands that are full of traditions established around the growing of cane, evoke stories of Hispanic, French and British navies and piracy ! We will focus on the origin of sugar cane, its treatment according to the producing countries, distillation and the importance of aging. The tasting will highlight the infinite differences depending on whether you have a white rum, an old rum, a clairin, a rum of Bristih tradition of a ron of Hispanic tradition in the glass

A class filled with pleasure, discovery and travel !


Price: €55 per person

Time: 4pm - 6:30pm




Useful information:

→ Wine tasting of 6 wines.

→ 8 participants minimum and 15 participants maximum per class.

→ The activity may be cancelled, modified or postponed if the minimum amount of participants is not reached. 

→ At the end of the activity, a friendly glass will be served with fingerfoods. 

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